Product of ASIA PACIFIC MICRO Precious Metal



Gold was product that trade for 100 troy oz, it means gold with USD paired. Many holders of gold store it in form of bullion coins or bars as a hedge against Inflation or other  economic disruptions. However, some economists do not believe gold serves as a hedge against inflation or currency depreciation. Gold was representative with XAU symbol, and Silver wirh XAG symbol.

Many investors are just beginning to discover the ability to trade gold in the forex market. A Prior to the 1990′s the forex market was primarily an exclusive investment vehicle that was dominated by large banks and financial institutions. However, today the ability to trade gold against other currencies and primarily the U.S. dollar is now available to retail investors. That means that you can login and trade gold on a 24 hour basis right from home with ASPAC TRADER MICRO trading platform.

Study the markets and trading patterns for a while and practice by making mock trades. When you are ready, try your hand at trading gold futures. You can limit your risk by including a stop sell order with each trade. This is an order to sell automatically if the price drops a certain amount and is a good way to limit your losses and you will lose money on some trades. Successful traders in gold futures are the ones who can limit their losses while taking advantage of profit opportunities.

Margin Requirements and Stop Out levels

For gold, margin taken for each 1 lot is equivalent to $250. Silver will require $625 for each 1 lot.
Forced liquidation will be enforced for all open positions whenever equity to margin requirement ratio reaches 10% or lower.
At Friday’s end of market session, all accounts under 100% ( equity to margin requirement ratio ) with open position will have it’s open positions liquidated by means of LIFO ( Last In First Out ) in order to fulfil a 100% ratio.

Swap Charges

All open positions at each end of day time will be charged with a storage fee called swap. Consult your MT4 terminal to see the valid swap charges. 3-day swap will be charged at Wednesday’s end of day.


Metal Specification

Prices for both gold and silver are currently quoted in USD. Trades can be leveraged up to 1:400 depending on your account type, allowing maximum trading flexibility.

The typical spread on spot gold is at $0.50 per ounce and $0.04 per ounce on spot silver, which are some of the most competitive in the market. A trader can go both long and short on any of the two metals.

Spot precious metals are available almost 24 hours a day from Monday 00:01 (Server time) to Friday 22:59 with one hour break in between. Our Customer Service Team is available 24 hours a day during the Market Hours for any inquiries you may have.

The time displayed in the Market Watch window of the MT4 platform is set at GMT +3 during US Summer Time and GMT +2 during US Winter Time.

The minimum trade size is 1 troy ounces of gold and 50 troy ounces of silver, depending on your selected trading account type. 1 lot of gold equals to 100 troy ounces while 1 lot of silver equals to 5000 troy ounces.

If a trade is kept open overnight, then there is a swap cost/income calculated on that position. The cost or income is calculated as the overnight interest rate differential between the two currencies plus the commission charged by the company on which the position is held, depending on the type of the position (long/short).